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PTO/Vacation/Sick Policy
Effective 12/22/2022

The purpose of PTO is to provide employees with paid time off to use as they’d like. Flexibility is the key to work-life balance, and we’ve selected a paid leave program for our Full-time employees. Part-time employees are not eligible to accrue or use PTO.


Employees are required to gain approval from their manager two weeks prior to the requested time off.  Requests will be reviewed based upon business needs and staffing requirements. After approval, requests are submitted to Human Resources for processing. It is important to us that employees have the opportunity to rest and recharge from the daily stresses of an active working environment.  In the event of termination of employment, employees will be paid for all accrued but unused vacation time.  If employees have taken more time than officially accrued, the appropriate amount will be deducted from their final paycheck.


It is the employee’s sole responsibility to inform their supervisor and/or Human Resources if they are unable to work, and their expected return to work date.  Employees are responsible for managing their work responsibilities which include notifying your supervisor of a deadline or commitment that requires attention in your absence.  Employees must call in the office to report when they are unable to work: (469)-273-1388 or go onto the employee portal to submit a call out ticket electronically. If employees miss 3 or more consecutive days due to illness, HR may ask for a doctor's note releasing them to return to work.


If a full-time or part-time employee is absent from work for a continuous 2-week period or more due to illness or injury, the employee will be subject to our Short-Term Disability (STD) policy. At the end of two weeks, STD will begin, unpaid time. In order to return to work from a medical leave, the employee must present a doctor’s note releasing them to return to work.


Full-time hourly non-exempt employees earn one (1) hour of PTO every 26 hours worked. Employees begin accruing PTO at the time of hire, however will not be eligible to use PTO until completing 6 months of continuous full-time employment with BPI. PTO is to be used interchangeably as vacation and sick time for hourly non-exempt employees. 


Employees graduating from part-time to full-time employment will begin accruing PTO on the effective change date, and can use accrued PTO after completing 6 months of full-time employment with BPI.


Employees’ PTO balance carries over each year, but the maximum number of hours that can be accumulated is 120 hours. Once the employees’ PTO balance exceeds 120 hours, any hours over 120 will lapse and will not count towards the balance. Employees employed with BPI for at least one year with PTO have the option to “cash-out” unused PTO at any time with officer approval and are subject to PTO audits. A PTO Cash-out Request Form must be submitted to HR.


All non-exempt PTO and sick time policies are applicable to exempt employees, however full-time salary exempt employees earn 3 hours and 5 minutes of vacation time each pay period. (80 hours and 10 days total). Cashing out vacation time will be treated similarly as cashing out PTO.


Full-time salary exempt employees earn 8 days of sick time at the beginning of each year. Any sick time unused is lost by the end of the year. Unlike vacation hours, sick time cannot be “cashed-out."


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